Growing trees in the apartment

Looked through my yarn last Friday and found a skein of Drops Paris in green lying around.  The rain was pouring down outside it didn’t exactly feel like a December morning. I had bought the yarn some months earlier when I had decided to crochet cactuses, but changed my mind since the Paris yarn is rather thick and wouldn’t make very neat cactuses. Standing there I remembered a crochet pattern I’ve seen on pinterest of a Christmas tree that I wanted to try out. The pattern is in Swedish and can be found at Bauta Witch’s blog:


First row of branches done. 


This was as many rows as i could manage with one skein. At this point it felt like I was growing a small tree in the apartment. 


Decroated and finished. 

For my tree I used the entire skein, so this is not a scrap yarn project. I decorated my tree using glass beads I found in my craft stash. The star in the top is crocheted in a golden accent yarn which I don’t know the brand of, but I used a hook size 2.0 and found the pattern at Whistle and Ivy’s blog:

I’m pleased with the result and I’ve put the tree in my living room window. At some distance it almost looks like a porcelain tree.

😀 Happy crocheting 😀




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