Collars for everyone!

Even though it’s 9 degrees Celsius outside and raining most of the time it’s supposed to be winter in Sweden. For me this means I could go down to the storage space in our building and get the winter clothes that I stuffed in there this summer. It’s always fun to unpack clothes you haven’t used for half a year and find yourself with a new wardrobe. For example I found my and my partners matching Christmas sweaters. Totally forgot we had a pair of those.

I also found a winter sweater with a crocheted collar. Think I made this about two years ago when I first found out about pinterest and thought I was gonna crochet collars for all my clothes. However I have a really short attention span so I only made this and one more that I’ve lost by now. This one Is pinned to the shirt so it’s not as easy to misplace.


The pattern can be found at Lulu Loves blog about family life and a lot of crocheting:

So, good luck and

😀 happy crocheting 😀



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