Chairs need socks too

So, I knit socks, and don’t we know it.

Well it allso happens I make socks for more than people. I made socks for my chairs.

Chair socks

And it turns out, it’s not only adorable, it’s also practical!

I’ve made them out of left over yarn and I will no longer need to buy those furniture pads you usually fasten under the chairs  so they don’t scratch the floor! -practical-

We have plans to re paint the chairs and our kitchen table as well, so when they are all white and pretty the socks will make a nice colour detail. No need for that fancy ombré painting or trying to draw details on the chairs.

Also, every chair will get their own colour combination on the socks. So guests may even get their own favourite chair?

For the pattern and material it depends on how big/wide the leg of the chair is, what yarn you’ve got and so on.

I used a crochet hook size 3,5 and I don’t know the brand of the yarn because I bought it second hand some time ago.

For my pattern:

chain 4 and put together to a loop with a slip stitch

16 double stitches around the loop

16 single crochet in every stitch until you have the devoted length of the sock.

if you change yarn to something thinner you want to add stitches and vice verse. If the leg gets significantly wider, you should also add some stitches. It all depends on what your chair looks like and what yarn and hook you’re using.

Good luck and

😀 happy crocheting 😀



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