Coffee cozy Tuesday

I have made my first coffee cozy! Though I don’t know what they are good for when the coffee cup already have a handle, except for being absolutely adorable of course!!

Coffee cozy

Some say that it keeps the coffee warm longer, which I will investigate thoroughly, since I always – and I mean Always, forgets my coffee. And don’t get me wrong, I love coffee. I’m just easily distracted.

So, for the pattern and material:

I used Drops Nepal and a crochet hook size 4, a cute button and a needle for fastening the thread.

I also watched the tutorial on how to crochet star stitches from Drops website:

Make 3 star stitches and measured them and measure the coffee mug to figure out how many chains you needed to crochet, that is, how many star stitches you need to go around your mug.

Row 1: chains
Row 2: part one in star stitch according to the tutorial
Row 3: part two in star stitch according to the tutorial
Row 4: part one in tutorial

When you come to the end of the fourth row take a new piece of the yarn and attach as many chains as you need to get the fly for the button and cut the thread. This might surely be done a lot easier, and I will think about it and might edit the pattern later on, but for now this is what I did. Go back to your stars and crochet them along the new chains. Make some extra chains for the buttonhole before you turn and make the fourth row.

Row 5: part two in tutorial
Row 6 & 7 : part one and two – but turn at the same place as you did for turn 3
You should now have 3 rows with completed stars and a fly for the button on the middle row.

Take the second yarn and crochet an edge with single stitches. Cut and fasten yarn.

If there are any questions, just ask and I will answer asap!

🙂 Happy crocheting! 🙂



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