Dinosaur hat

The same friend that asked me for the blue baby socks that you can find the pattern for in my first post had already asked for a baby hat. And not any baby hat. A specific dinosaur hat with a cape and spikes.


Picture and pattern from Snovej

The picture and the pattern were found first on pinterest, where there are several resembling patterns, though I liked this the most. It’s adorable, and looks very well done, and in the pattern there are descriptions on how to make the cap bigger and smaller. Very nicely done.

The pattern can be found here: http://snovej.com/archives/crochet-pattern-babys-dino-hat-with-cape

And this is how my dino cap turned out. I had already given it away when I started the blog but my friend sent me a picture of it together with the socks before she gave it to her friends who actually had the baby it was meant for.

Dino hat and socks

But as you may have notised. My spikes are not rounded. This is how I did:

Chain 7, turn
Skip first, 6 single crochet, turn
Skip first, 5 single crochet, turn
Skip first, 4 single crochet, turn
Skip first, 3 single crochet, turn
Skip first, 2 single crochet, turn
Skip first, 1 single crochet, cut and fasten yarn.

Start with more or less slip stitches to make the spikes bigger or smaller.

Good luck & 😀 Happy crocheting 😀



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