100 follower on instagram!


Huzza! 3 weeks in and I’ve got 100 followers.

This was celebrated with a picture on a turtle amigurumi I made probably more than 5 years ago.

I’m sorry to say I couldn’t find the pattern. I moved between four different cities since den and it has probably been lost on the way.

BUT, what I will try to do to make up for this horrible mistake (I mean, Who loses patterns? WHO? Irresponsible past me… *sigh*) is that I will put some links here to three different patterns that I found on Pinterest that Most likely can make a turtle almost like the one I did.

It will be a puzzle. And I would, if I had the time (and some day, when I’m not writing my MS thesis, I might), put an instruction together myself. But for now, this will have to do.

So here we go! –im sorry to say only the first & second pattern is free –

The first link are just turtles, but they lack the neck and the edge on the shell that my turtle got.

The second pattern should basically show how to make a neck. It is the same principle but you should make it shorter and not make a head since you will make that separately and fasten on the neck.


(and the snails in this pattern are adoooorable ❤ )

The second pattern should instruct you on how to make a turtle with the edge on the shell


But it’s not for free I’m afraid. And this was the most tricky part. So maybe it’s worth it or maybe you can find the technique for making an edge like this elsewhere.

Hope this was to any help!
Good luck and happy crocheting 😀



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