Boot cuffs and fingerless mittens

This weekend have been relatively productive. I’ve finished the boot cuffs I started during the week and crocheted a pair of matching fingerless mittens.

I don’t really like leg warmers, at least not yet (therefor at some point I will knit myself some to see if I can change my mind) but I have gotten my eyes up for boot cuffs! They are kind off tiny cute legwarmers right?

Anyhow. I started to look around pinterest, which usually is my first go to when starting a new project, and I as so many others it seems fell for a pair of bright teal blue-ish boot cuffs. Seems to be one of the most popular patterns. And they were suuuuper easy to make!

Pattern from See Vanessa Craft .

The changes I made were that I had a little thicker yarn than the one used for the original (I think) so in “part 2” of the pattern I crocheted half double crochet (hdc) instead of double crochet (dc), but that’s all.

boot cuffs

alpaca mittens

alpaca mittens

If there are any questions, just ask.

Oh and also! Yesterday were the Swedish national day of the cinnamon roll – Kanelbullens dag.
It’s a day to live the Swedish fika life – cinnamon roll and coffee – . We couldn’t decide on what kind of cinnamon roll to buy (just as hard as deciding on what yarn to buy) so we bought one of each kind.

kanelbullens dag

Orignial cinnamon roll… cardemum cinnamon roll… vanilla cinnamon roll.
Recipe can be found everywhere on the internet. Swedish people are obsessed with these rolls.

😀 Happy crocheting! 😀



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