Wool and nettles

Sometimes (or all the time really) I find yarns that I simply can not walk by. This is one of my new findings. Organic wool and nettles from Onion knit (http://www.onion.dk/no-4-organic-wool-nettles/).

Onion knit

They also have a yarn consisting of camel hair and merino, which looked super soft and cozy! It I see it again in a yarn store I won’t be able to resist.

I found these yarns in the yarn store ‘Garn och Sybehör’ on Sofiagatan 3, Stockholm. It’s the sweetest shop. And the lady owning the shop told me that camels shed their hair four times a year and that it’s this hair that is used when making camel hair yarn. This was totally new to me.

What more is that I finally bought myself a book to write down the changes I do in the patterns I follow when I knit or crochet. If I don’t, I usually forget what felt ‘totally logic’ at the time and especially when I try to make a pair of something the parts always come out looking slightly different from each other.

Boot cuffs and patterns

So from now on, I’ll write down my changes as I go, and then when I’m done with an item, I can share my experience here.



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