Min första tröja – My first sweater

A project a day keeps the doctor away.

Only one arm left on my first sweater. Well, as it happens, I have tried to knit sweaters before. Twice, actually. The first time the sweater became so skew and warped that it looked like two sweaters in different sizes, sewn together in the middle. The other time I used so thin yarn that it forever, and I wanted to scream out every time I discovered that I had as far left that before I started.

First sweater

The last attempt was about three years ago and since then I have just put the idea of knitting a shirt aside. Therefore I’ve mostly done small things so I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t turn out the way I hoped in the end. But this year I had enough! Time to stop chicken out! I looked around on Pinterest, and did you know? There’s a whole world of wonderful sweaters out there! And the patterns didn’t even look to difficult. Not difficult at all actually. Or was I fooling myself? Anyway, I had decided to knit – and actually use – a sweater. Carry out.

So, I went to the yarn store, had not decided which pattern I liked best of all the designs, but now I was in the shop, so then I just had to decide. I chose a two-colored sweater from Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/opera-4). I bought the yarn, knitting needles and my first pack of stick markers and walked home. I had probably used around 1.5 skeins before I discovered that the sweater was oddly small, even though I followed the pattern of a sweater in size medium. The collar was done and I could barely get my head through it! Ooh so close it was that I gave up the project again! I had done everything according to the pattern.

I read it through again. And there it was. The yarns were too different. The yarn used in the pattern is a solid yarn, it does not behave like the wool yarn that I bought that becomes ”thinner” when you pull but rather it doesn’t change shape at all. But to get a sweater in the same size as the pattern but with a wool or alpaca yarn I had to buy thicker yarn and bigger knitting needles. Luckily, they have a very long return policy in the yarn store where I usually shop so there was no problem to swap yarns.

Now it went really fast to knit the sweater as soon as I switched to the right yarn. This I did maybe three weeks ago, and now the sweater is almost done … Only one sleeve left and then there will be a picture of the finished result and some more instructions to the changes I made in the pattern.

Then, last but not least: the pattern use needles in EU size 3,5 and 4. Me, I only used one size and like the result anyway. I only used 5.5’s together with Drops yarn Nepal. This is a delightful mix of wool and alpaca and at a very affordable price.



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