Collars for everyone!

Even though it’s 9 degrees Celsius outside and raining most of the time it’s supposed to be winter in Sweden. For me this means I could go down to the storage space in our building and get the winter clothes that I stuffed in there this summer. It’s always fun to unpack clothes you haven’t used for half a year and find yourself with a new wardrobe. For example I found my and my partners matching Christmas sweaters. Totally forgot we had a pair of those.

I also found a winter sweater with a crocheted collar. Think I made this about two years ago when I first found out about pinterest and thought I was gonna crochet collars for all my clothes. However I have a really short attention span so I only made this and one more that I’ve lost by now. This one Is pinned to the shirt so it’s not as easy to misplace.


The pattern can be found at Lulu Loves blog about family life and a lot of crocheting:

So, good luck and

😀 happy crocheting 😀


Growing trees in the apartment

Looked through my yarn last Friday and found a skein of Drops Paris in green lying around.  The rain was pouring down outside it didn’t exactly feel like a December morning. I had bought the yarn some months earlier when I had decided to crochet cactuses, but changed my mind since the Paris yarn is rather thick and wouldn’t make very neat cactuses. Standing there I remembered a crochet pattern I’ve seen on pinterest of a Christmas tree that I wanted to try out. The pattern is in Swedish and can be found at Bauta Witch’s blog:


First row of branches done. 


This was as many rows as i could manage with one skein. At this point it felt like I was growing a small tree in the apartment. 


Decroated and finished. 

For my tree I used the entire skein, so this is not a scrap yarn project. I decorated my tree using glass beads I found in my craft stash. The star in the top is crocheted in a golden accent yarn which I don’t know the brand of, but I used a hook size 2.0 and found the pattern at Whistle and Ivy’s blog:

I’m pleased with the result and I’ve put the tree in my living room window. At some distance it almost looks like a porcelain tree.

😀 Happy crocheting 😀


Bluebird of happiness

Instagram really is good for inspiration. While browsing knit-related hashtags I found some blue birds knitted by @cablesandlace
They were totally adorable and the pattern was free!


First bird

The pattern to Bluebird of happiness by Sara Elizabeth Kellner can be found at ravelry:


It takes approximately 1,5 hour to knit a bird when you get the hang of the pattern and it’s the perfect gift. Knitting three birds doesn’t take that long, you can make them out of scrap yarn and tie a pretty sting in them finishing your gift.


😀 Happy knitting 😀


Easy cable socks

Some weeks ago I posted a picture of cable knitting on Instagram and later on a picture of the socks I was making. The socks are knitted with Drops Eskimo, the pattern is as basic as it gets and can be found at drops website (

Black and white close up of the cables.


Black and white close up of the cables.


Finished result! 

Though, the next time I make these I won’t purl the bottom of the foot. Eskimo is such a delicate yarn and I experienced that the purled stitch burl easier than a regular knit.


😀 Happy knitting 😀


Meringues for Olga

The weekend is over again *sigh*.
Though I can comfort myself with some of the meringue I made this weekend! They’re so much better than the store bought once. And so easy to make. Sure it takes some time, but it’s fairly simple.



3 egg whites
2 dl sugar
0,5 tsp lemon

What is important to get the meringues right is that the bowl is clean, and when I say clean I mean really really clean, there can be no water or fat left in the bowl or on the tools you use.

Oven should be 125 degrees Celsius

Mix lemon, egg whites with 1/3 of the sugar with an electric mixer until it’s white and then pour the rest of the sugar in as you go. This takes some time (approximately 7 minutes mixing) so be prepared for some noise.

You will know that you’re done when the mix is so firm you can turn the bowl upside down over your head! If you don’t dare you’re just not done 😉

If you want to add flavour, you can for example carefully blend in chocolate syrup or I guess any other flavoured syrup. I’ve only tried using chocolate syrup for ice cream but it turned out very pretty.

Use a spoon to form meringues on a baking sheet or as i did, use a 1 litre plastic bag and cut a small hole in the corner to squeeze out the mix. And don’t use the bag if you added flavour, this makes the colour blend to much and you may end up with grey or brown meringues.

Put them in the lower part of the oven for 45-60 minutes depending on the size. When they’re dry in the bottom they’re done.

Chocolate meringues

So, good luck and
😀 happy baking 😀

Chairs need socks too

So, I knit socks, and don’t we know it.

Well it allso happens I make socks for more than people. I made socks for my chairs.

Chair socks

And it turns out, it’s not only adorable, it’s also practical!

I’ve made them out of left over yarn and I will no longer need to buy those furniture pads you usually fasten under the chairs  so they don’t scratch the floor! -practical-

We have plans to re paint the chairs and our kitchen table as well, so when they are all white and pretty the socks will make a nice colour detail. No need for that fancy ombré painting or trying to draw details on the chairs.

Also, every chair will get their own colour combination on the socks. So guests may even get their own favourite chair?

For the pattern and material it depends on how big/wide the leg of the chair is, what yarn you’ve got and so on.

I used a crochet hook size 3,5 and I don’t know the brand of the yarn because I bought it second hand some time ago.

For my pattern:

chain 4 and put together to a loop with a slip stitch

16 double stitches around the loop

16 single crochet in every stitch until you have the devoted length of the sock.

if you change yarn to something thinner you want to add stitches and vice verse. If the leg gets significantly wider, you should also add some stitches. It all depends on what your chair looks like and what yarn and hook you’re using.

Good luck and

😀 happy crocheting 😀

Coffee cozy Tuesday

I have made my first coffee cozy! Though I don’t know what they are good for when the coffee cup already have a handle, except for being absolutely adorable of course!!

Coffee cozy

Some say that it keeps the coffee warm longer, which I will investigate thoroughly, since I always – and I mean Always, forgets my coffee. And don’t get me wrong, I love coffee. I’m just easily distracted.

So, for the pattern and material:

I used Drops Nepal and a crochet hook size 4, a cute button and a needle for fastening the thread.

I also watched the tutorial on how to crochet star stitches from Drops website:

Make 3 star stitches and measured them and measure the coffee mug to figure out how many chains you needed to crochet, that is, how many star stitches you need to go around your mug.

Row 1: chains
Row 2: part one in star stitch according to the tutorial
Row 3: part two in star stitch according to the tutorial
Row 4: part one in tutorial

When you come to the end of the fourth row take a new piece of the yarn and attach as many chains as you need to get the fly for the button and cut the thread. This might surely be done a lot easier, and I will think about it and might edit the pattern later on, but for now this is what I did. Go back to your stars and crochet them along the new chains. Make some extra chains for the buttonhole before you turn and make the fourth row.

Row 5: part two in tutorial
Row 6 & 7 : part one and two – but turn at the same place as you did for turn 3
You should now have 3 rows with completed stars and a fly for the button on the middle row.

Take the second yarn and crochet an edge with single stitches. Cut and fasten yarn.

If there are any questions, just ask and I will answer asap!

🙂 Happy crocheting! 🙂